Air Jordan in the sports brand market is a big brand

Air Jordan in the sports brand market is a big brand, is a world-renowned sports brand, especially in basketball equipment, can be said to be the world’s top products. AIR JORDAN series of shoes in sales and market demand ahead of other products, each year for the entire sports shoes industry to establish one after another a higher design, innovation and functional benchmarking. The core of the series is that the perfect combination of athletes and technology – basketball history, the most dazzling star Michael Jordan, as well as the star with brilliant career basketball shoes, highlighting his function, innovation and achievements of the tireless pursuit. In today’s China, AIR JORDAN more there is a huge market, and more potential consumer groups, and inspire them not only AIR JORDAN excellent products, excellent performance, but also has a spirit, a brand emotion in the Calling them. This is also AIR JORDAN has many loyal users. For the huge Chinese market and potential market, we decided to AIR JORDAN the main consumer groups, that is, China’s huge youth consumer groups to do a brand emotion on the AIR JORDAN survey.

Through the questionnaire survey, we have a lot of relevant data, the survey proved that the AIR JORDAN brand emotion is the consumer crowd for the brand keen to an important part, and we also found some problems, for the spread of the results, we also To prepare the relevant coping strategies to better carry out our brand promotion, and better build our brand culture, and better carry forward the spirit of our brand. The brand spirit of this culture has been inherited.

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